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Holder of Treatment

X-Webcommerce by Aniello Alessandro (later, for brevity, X-Webcommerce),


These terms govern the use of online services and the purchase of all the articles, services presented on the web site servizi.x-webcommerce.it in the physical and legal person that it represents, and therefore must be fully accepted by the user / customer / buyer at the time of purchase or purchase of the same.


By registering with our newsletter service you agree to receive promotional e-mails from X-Webcommerce, the data will be treated exclusively for commercial use of the products and services offered on x-webcommerce.it and will not be transferred to third parties.

We guarantee that we will not send e-mail daily but we will only inform you about the promotions in progress on our site x-webcommerce.it. If you are not already registered with the Newsletter service you can do so at any time just enter your e-mail address in the BOX Newsletter on the site and confirm, you will be sent an e-mail to the address you entered with a link to confirm the registration . You can also subscribe to or unsubscribe after registering on the site simply by inserting or removing the mark in the box located in Account settings.

Invoice receipt

The prices quoted on the site are only valid for the payment of online services; For each payment, a regular Tax Invoice will be issued and will be sent via e-mail to the Customer's registration address as permitted by law.

No liability can be attributed to X-Webcommerce in the event of incorrect or incomplete or unauthorized data provided by the Customer for and through all activities carried out by it.

Prices and information services

Prices and availability services may be subject to change without notice; texts and images are provided for the sole purpose of illustrating the products.

Service Provision Time

Although there is a constant updating and monitoring of requests and related service processing, sometimes for many requests or for some services there may be delays in working that we usually resolve in a short time, the customer can still contact us at any time to ask for information more precise. X-Webcommerce declines all responsibility, however, committed to keeping the site up to date and correcting any errors that may have occurred.

Registration to the site

You can register at any time, you are not allowed to register twice, for registration you must have a valid e-mail address and give your consent to the processing of the data according to the methods listed on the privacy page.

You agree to provide truthful information, you are not permitted to register if you are not of the age of majority and in the full possession of your faculties you are also not allowed to register by providing third party data, whether it be different legal persons or entities (except in the latter case, of users registered in the name and on behalf of the said entities by an authorized person).

Registration is to be considered perfected by the time the user receives the e-mail verification message via email and activates his / her account.

You are responsible for your access credentials and you agree not to provide it to third parties or disclose it in any way.

You are required to verify, integrate, and maintain your account information, by clicking on "My addresses" and timely updating the data provided there.

You may grant or withdraw, at the time of registration and at any time thereafter, your consent to the sending of newsletters and messages containing promotional offers by X-Webcommerce by sending an e-mail to info @ x-webcommerce. it expresses the will to no longer receive any kind of message or simply from its account by removing the check mark from the box that manages the function.

You may request the cancellation of your account, or request information on the processing of data in the manner specified on the privacy page, by sending an email to amministrazione@x-webcommerce.it and expressing the will to cancel the account.

Customer Comments and Community Marketplace Stores and eCommerce Site

Inserting comments to Shops and Products on X-Webcommerce.it and on negozi.x-webcommerce.it is not subject to prior approval and is not moderated or monitored. X-Webcommerce is in no way responsible for the comments made by users, which may damage, image, decorate, and reputation of the Stores and Products listed on X-Webcommerce.it and negozi.x-webcommerce.it. The feedback service offered is accessible without warranties of any kind, either explicit or implied, and X-Webcommerce does not control any of the topics discussed and their relevance to the subject. X-Webcommerce is not responsible for the behavior of users who do not comply with the provisions (offensive, offensive, controversial, vulgar, outrageous, disrespectful, disrespectful, or incitement to illiteracy, threatening, damaging, disseminating or insulting other users or third parties). Everyone who posts a comment on the Shops and Products on x-webcommerce.it and negozi.x-webcommerce.it, therefore accepts the full responsibility of the texts that he put in the comments.

X-Webcommerce does not in any way guarantee the accuracy of the Questions and Answers of the Marketplace Stores and eCommerce Stores. All questions and answers are provided by the Customers and the owners of the respective Stores. It is the responsibility of the members of the Community Marketplace Stores and eCommerce Stores to determine whether, how and to what extent it is legitimate, legal or just appropriate to propose questions and related responses. X-Webcommerce therefore asks for maximum attention and is not responsible for the truthfulness, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted. Users who consult the Marketplace Shops and eCommerce Shops must therefore be aware that some content may not be appropriate, and X-Webcommerce is not held liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from responses to the responses.

Brands Logos and images

All trademarks, logos and images on the sites x-webcommerce.it, servizi.x-webcommerce.it, negozi.x-webcommerce.it belong to their respective owners.

By submitting your site or personal data via email or insertion forms in services.x-webcommerce.it, all the regulations in this page are subject to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Rules on Objects for Sale on Marketplace Stores and Shops eCommerce X-Webcommerce

If the sale of the object is not forbidden, it is often enough to modify the listing to fit it with our guidelines.

Violating X-Web Commerce Rules may have a number of consequences, including:

the closing of the advertisements;
Charge for closed ads.
Limitations on Account Privileges.
loss of Seller Account Status;
suspending your account.

When a breach of X-Webcommerce rules occurs, the seller and the bidders are informed by email of the closing of the listing. Learning the X-Webcommerce rules on the sale before selling an item will help you avoid unintended infringements (and not violate the law). The X-Web Commerce Selling Rules are updated to meet the needs of the Platform, the Community and for security reasons.


Forbidden objects

These are items that can not be sold in any way:

Only for adults
Drugs and related accessories
Objects subject to embargo and countries for which export is not permitted
Weapons of fire and cutting
IDs, licenses, and government uniforms
Hazardous materials, subject to restrictions or regulations
Objects that encourage illegal activities
Locking devices
Mailing List and Personal Information
Rules for Medicines and Personal Care Products
Offensive material
Objects related to law enforcement
Medication sold after prescription medical prescription
Forbidden services
Stolen objects


Objects with Restrictions

These are items that can only be sold under certain conditions, so be sure to have all the permissions before, otherwise you may also be subject to penalties by the authorities:

Animals and products derived from wild animals
Artifacts, antiques, tombstones and characteristic of the country's culture
Used clothes
Used cosmetics
Counterfeit currencies and stamps
Credit cards
Electrical and electronic devices
Tickets for shows
Slot machine
Bodies, weeds, and human organic material
Plants and seeds
Objects withdrawn from the manufacturers
Equity securities and other securities
Travel and Vacations


Objects potentially detrimental to others' rights

These are objects that could violate copyright or trademarks, so verify that you have all the permissions before, otherwise you may also be subject to penalties by the authorities:

Presentation of the Rules on Intellectual Property Rights
Exemption clause on authenticity
Bootleg registrations
Basic copyright information
Objects delivered in digital format
Objects that allow duplication of copy protection material
Objects that incite intellectual property violations
Modchip, game enhancer and boot disks
Perfumes and cosmetics
Adjustable supports
Replicas, counterfeits and unauthorized copies
Software rules