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The complete professional solution to have an Online Sales Site dedicated to your company, thanks to the new Smart Connection Software System everything is easier to manage, you will receive immediate assistance and you will have an infinite resource of functions and integrations with other systems of online ecommerce platforms and services, all managed by your Back Office! 

No Sales Percentage!

You only pay the Monthly or Yearly Rate!

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We do not just provide the tools for online sales but we will assist you whenever you need it, advising and always providing the best solution. We are specialists in online sales and thanks to the experience gained in all these years we are able to meet any need for software customization and marketing strategies.



You can choose your favorite from 9 different pre-configured template templates and change it at any time without losing your previous settings.

Mobile Responsive

The template fits automatically for better viewing on any mobile device screen, tablet, smartphone, notebook, desktop.

Social Login

Users can also log in and sign up with their Google Profile and Facebook login data, and the eCommerce Site automatically checks and generates the new account.

Once the registration is complete, the customer receives his / her own Reserved Account where he can handle all of his purchases, personal data, private promotions, and much more.

Back Office Professional


A complete management panel with all the features of the eCommerce Site, where you can change the template configure to enable and disable advanced features.

Products - Generate, View, Edit

Categories - Generate and edit all categories

Attributes and Values - Generate and edit combinations to associate with products

Features - Generate and edit features to associate with products

Manufacturers - Generate and Edit a list of Producers to associate with products

Suppliers - Generate and Edit a list of Suppliers to associate with products

Orders - Generate, View, Manage

Customers - Generate, View, Manage

Customer Addresses - Generate, View, Manage

Customer Service - Manage / Respond the assistance requests you receive from the contact form.

Management Comments - Reply / Manage comments

Means of Shipment - Generate, View, Manage

Shipping Preferences - Select / Configure Shipment preferences

Store Store Manager - Generate, View, Edit Pages

Shop Maintenance - Configure / Enable / Disable Maintenance Mode
etc... etc...


The eCommerce Site is already configured to make sales around the world, advanced features are hidden in back office for VS security reasons as you may accidentally delete or modify important functions. If you want to have all the available features you need to let us know, we will let you know.

Advanced Back Office Features 

With the Services Modules you can modify and manage advanced features, the software is continually followed by our technical staff who evaluates the features and possible upgrades to improve and always provide the best software service.

Other Service Modules can be added on request and customized.

Featured Forms and Services:

Payments available

PayPal - The secure and instant online payment system that allows Customers to pay from their PayPal account or Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards, we have chosen PayPal as our main partner since it is the most widely used electronic payment system worldwide online purchases and offers a comprehensive shopping protection program.

Bank Transfer - Receive Payments by Bank Transfer, at the end of the purchase you will be able to choose to pay by Bank Transfer.

Mark - Cash delivery, you can set an additional cost for the service, both fixed and variable. The customer will pay cash to the courier at delivery of the parcel.

Check - You can receive payments by check, at the end of the purchase the customer will receive the data to fill in the check that will be delivered to the courier at the withdrawal of the parcel.


Thanks to this service, you can download an email list of your subscribers subscribed to the newsletter in a CSV file, great for mass mail submissions.

Box Facebook

Put your Facebook page in your site footer and increase your visitors' confidence, you'll see the Facebook Box with your Likes, previews, and post editions.


Insert Social Pages links you want to view in the footer: Facebook, Twitter, RSS, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics to track and analyze statistics. Standard reports allow you to easily measure and understand engagement on your site. In addition, just a few clicks to quickly create custom reports, visitor segments, and identify important data that you can share with us or with your team to evaluate specific Marketing Strategies.

Slide Home

Edit and update the images of the Main Slide on Home Page, promotions, important events and everything you want to highlight.

Configures Banner & Template

Configure Banners on the Home Page and other layout settings, preview available templates, and edit / select what you want.

Reviews Feedback products

Manage Reviews and Improve Your Feedback, Choose whether to approve Customer Review Automatically or whether you need to be first checked and approved, etc ... An important tool that can help you increase customer confidence in your Site eCommerce.

Advertising and Marketing

Get all the tools you need to track and fidelize your customers, activate discounts, points, prizes by organizing a real Business Marketing:

Follow Up Clients - Follow your Customers with promotional e-mails scheduled on specific events, you'll always be present.

Fidelity - Activate Customer Loyalty Program with reward points on purchases to be converted to Buying Buys.

Referral - Activate a program that will earn so many Good Buys to your Customers and Friends.

Technical features

The eCommerce site is on secured, secured and secure resources servers with Data Protection and Data Backup.

Smart Connection Software Service:
A secure structure with up-to-date software

See the info here

Registration or Transfer Domain Name with eCommerce Site:
Receive a web domain of your property!
Your address will be www.Name Your

HTTPS protocol:

The SSL Certificate Inspects trust, protects data confidentiality, encodes your ecommerce transactions, improves SEO.

The eCommerce Site resides on secure web space " your store"

Unlimited Traffic:

Get an unlimited number of users. The number of visitors to your site is no longer a problem. With unlimited traffic you can welcome all the visitors you want. A new product? A promotional launch that generates a lot of traffic? Your site is ready to handle peak visits without latencies or slowdowns!

Unlimited Products:

You have no limits! you can put all the products you want in manual mode from Back Office.

For the function that automates between software downloading and updating products in the site see the terms and rates here.


Our server has installed several filter levels to protect you from viruses or unwanted spam emails (SPAMs).

Social Login  (Facebook/Google):

The Site is linked to Facebook and Google social platforms with which through a dedicated certificate service automatically acquires the data of Social Clients. A service that greatly simplifies the acquisition of new customers.

Google reCAPTCHA:

Integrated with the latest version of Google reCAPTCHA, designed to enhance access security with login and contact forms.

Seo Optimization 

Each eCommerce Site after activation is indexed to us by Google and the major search engines. You will have the best results without worrying about anything, but you can still edit and manually enter the Meta Tags Title, Description and Keywords of each single product.

Services Optional Accessories

App Site eCommerce:

With the Web App users can install your site on their mobile device improving the browsing experience and decide whether to receive your push notifications. You can customize the App with the icon of your site and manage from the back office notifications to be sent to all registered customers.

Business Management Software Integration:

We can link the eCommerce Website with most of the Cash Management software for stores. Downloading products, images, descriptions, sizes, colors, etc. ... and updates to the relevant stock availability will be updated automatically, with this system the main software reference will be the store software that will keep the eCommerce Website and all related stores up-to-date.

To see if your software is compatible or if you have any doubt contact us we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Whatever your business category, we do not have limits, Electronics, Clothing, Food, Hotel, etc. We also offer customized templates.

Import / Export Products Manual:

This feature allows you to mass import / export products in the eCommerce Site via the .csv or .xls file.

Automatic product import and upgrade:

We can automate importing and updating products in the eCommerce Site:

  • You can provide us with FTP access where you download the product file, we will handle the configuration.

  • We can provide you with FTP access where you can upload the products file that the eCommerce Site will load automatically.


  • We can connect the eCommerce Site to any Dropshipping service provider.

Datafeed Export Comparator Prices:

We can configure and export the eCommerce Site Datafeed file for most Online Price Comparators.

Integration with Marketplace

We can connect the eCommerce Site with our Marketplace, all products will be imported and updated automatically in the Marketplace.

Marketplace Platform Integration:

We can link the eCommerce Site to most Marketplaces currently online.

Sell on other online platforms and manage everything from your Back Office:

X-Webcommerce Marketplace - The eCommerce Site is already ready to be connected to our marketplace. To activate the connection, you must have the "Software Integration" service.

Shop Facebook - The eCommerce Site is already ready to be integrated into your Facebook page and associated with the new Pulse Buy Online, users will be able to view, search and buy products via Facebook.

Ebay - Do you have a Shop on Ebay? You can manage it directly from the eCommerce Site! With the Advanced Back Office you can connect to the store to configure and synchronize the products. This way you can only work from the eCommerce Shop and have the Ebay Store always updated automatically.

Amazon - Do you have a Shop on Amazon? You can manage it directly from the eCommerce Site! With the Advanced Back Office you can connect to the store to configure and synchronize the products. This way you can only work from the eCommerce Shop and have the Amazon Store always updated automatically.

To activate these functions, request via our website from the Activate Services menu or contact us.

Customizable Template:

We can customize the Template or create a new one for your eCommerce Site.

Customizable eCommerce Site:

There are no limits, whatever your project we can customize the eCommerce site to your needs.

eCommerce Premium site:

eCommerce Premium site is the maximum that you can have both in terms of software and hardware, is achieved through Free Quote, we start from the needs of the customer to design a completely customized site from graphics to hardware performance entrusted to fully dedicated resources.

For any info on the services you want to activate you can contact us to evaluate together the best possible solution.