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Smart Connection is The Software Shop for eCommerce Shops and Sites is managed by X-Webcommerce.

A service offering complete, ready-to-use professional eCommerce solutions, our customers receive support services where they can request any information, configuration, and customization.

All our experience in a single Smart Connection X-Webcommerce Software System.

Whatever your project we have a professional solution for you!

Main products

Marketplace Shop X-Webcommerce

We offer you a Free Shop on our Marketplace website complete with all the tools you need to sell and advertise your products worldwide, accept payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Checkout. Registered customers receive a confidential account where they can handle their purchases, promotions, assistance etc ... a professional and very easy to handle solution. Get great visibility into the major search engines and free service support. Pay only one percentage of the products sold.

ECommerce Site X-Webcommerce

We offer you an eCommerce Website completely dedicated to your company, with the possibility to customize both the graphics and functions, you receive all the necessary tools to sell and advertise your products all over the world, you can accept payments via PayPal, Credit Cards , Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Check. With eCommerce website you have the possibility to expand your eCommerce advertising and selling on external platforms. Your registered customers receive a reserved account where they can manage their purchases, promotions, assistance etc .. A complete professional solution of Back Office for the total management and customization of the site, including services to retain your customers and much more. You will receive excellent visibility on the main search engines and free service assistance. With Website eCommerce you have no limits we can customize it according to your needs. You pay only a fixed monthly fee, no percentage on the sale.

Our Sites of Reference

Our dedicated service site, sign up, access your Reserved Account and request a free consultancy right now for a project or buy and activate services. We will provide you with everything you need for a professional online sale, X-Webcommerce is the ideal partner for your eCommerce business.

The Home of all X-Webcommerce Stores that provides a list of all the active eCommerce Sites and Marketplace Stores and advertises them via Slide, Maps Stores, Banners and Promotional Links.

Our Marketplace dedicated to purchases and sales online, with PayPal secure payment system, Credit Cards and Checkout.